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4 years in the making, v2.5 is now Live!

Read more about the new features and tools in this update, making it happen, and what's next in store for the big 3.0 release coming early next year.


Join a bunch of gamers worldwide, earn rewards, unlock achievements, track your stats, build your library and so much more

It's all here

Give your gaming a home in the cloud

A fit for all type of use cases, with a great focus on allowing gamers to visualise their gaming activity

All your games

from direct integrations with major gaming platforms, we collect all the data you need to easily visualise all your activity

Easily connected

with all your buddies scattered across multiple platforms or services.

Statistical overview

through our Tracker integration for games like Halo, Call of Duty, Fortnite, and Rocket League with more to come.

Developer friendly

with a robust, developer friendly, API to allow you to easily integrate with your own platform or tools.

Always improving

We ship new features and improvements every. single. day.. ❤️ Steam - v2.0

We're excited to launch the newly refreshed Steam integration within

Ever since we integrated Steam, as our first platform, back in 2015, we sort of neglected it.

4 years in the making, v2.5 is now live!

Introducing v2.5

It's been an incredible journey since I started back in 2014, just as a way to explore programming and create a simple directory of games. Little did I know that it would evolve into the remarkable platform it is today.

Halo Tracker is Live!

Hey folks!

In today's update, we're pleased to announce that the Halo Tracker is up and running.

GOG integration is now Live!

We're happy to announce that we've now finished integrating GOG into!

You can now sync your Games and Achievements, with more additional features, like Sessions, Friends, Chats and Friends Management coming soon.

Head over to your providers page and follow the instructions!

Weekly Update #5

Last couple of months have been pretty busy. We've kind of lost track of our weekly updates, but hopefully this time round will be better.

EpicStore's Library and Achievements tracking n...

We're happy to announce that we are now fully supporting EpicStore's Library and Achievements.

You can connect your EpicStore account through your Identity Providers.

Weekly Update #4 - v2.1

As we approach the end of July, we are now shipping one of our biggest updates yet.

- Viewable Profiles!

Pulse 2.0 is now Live

After a long hiatus, we're happy to announce that Pulse, our news aggregator service is back online.

You can view the newest gaming and technology articles here:

.. and we're only warmed up, with no end in sight. Join the movement

A whole Universe

And if that's not enough, we've got a whole set of other amazing tools and services

The world's largest curated, and free, repository of gaming related media.

With more than 1 billion of images and videos available for free, Splash! is the only place to find the perfect image for your gaming needs.

The power of A.I. and at your fingertips!

With Copy, you are able to write with style and ease thanks to our inline tools that offer embedded content for Games, Achievements, Media, News and more

Lens offers a wide range of tools to track, analyze and visualize a game' activity across multiple platforms.

Monitor growth, gaming sessions, player habits and price history, from more than 50 million gamers worldwide, across all major store providers.

We spent the last 7 years building the most advanced ingestion platform so you don't have to!

If you're looking to build a product on gaming data, but don't have the engineering resources or time to build an ingestion platform yourself, then Egress is for you.

Are you not entertained?

Though crowd! Maybe some of our upcoming features, and events, will be of your interest.. let's stay in touch!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  Do you have a client?

No. We're still working on the current features, ensuring what we have right now works without a hitch, and some new additional features we want in place before we release a client.

We expect to have a first client release in early 2022. We'll have more information about this soon.

  Is this free?

Yes. is 100% free to use, with no hidden features.

We're also working hard on our codebase to open-source it and allow anyone to help and build

  What data do you share with other platforms?

We don't share any data with 3rd party platforms or providers. However, we do record your gaming activity against games to provide insights and statistics through our Insights platform.

We don't link any data to you or your accounts, and anything that's passed to our Insights platform is fully anonymized. We only track the number of players, sessions, and the number of times the game has been played.

  Can I delete my .directory?

Of course! You can delete your .directory from within your control panel. We will delete all your data, including any providers you synced.

We also remove your .directory if you don't log in for a while.

  Who made this?

Just some guy, in his converted garage, somewhere in the United Kingdom.

I created for myself, back in 2015(ish), mainly to polish my programming skills, but also to track my games, achievements and friends as I enjoy playing on multiple platforms and services.

I hope you enjoy using this, as much as I do, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me at info[at]games[dot]directory.