Update: New Call of Duty Tracker and API

New Call of Duty Tracker and API


onSunday, 13th of June 2021 at 22:08PM

A couple of weeks ago we decided to disable our Call of Duty tracker due to some changes done by Activision. More on this: /announcements/we-ve-disabled-the-call-of-duty-tracker-module

We're happy to announce that we now have a new, better, API that allows us to pull your Call of Duty data through more 'official' channels.
Although it's not endorsed by Activision in any way, the new tracker uses the same API that the Call of Duty Mobile app uses.

With the new API we are now able to pull more data than before. For example, we are not limited to your last 20 matches anymore and instead we can pull ALL your matches.

New changes include:

  • Season and Battlepass progress
  • All Matches and their stats, loadouts and players
  • Additional Call of Duty accounts for Cold War or Warzone, if available
  • Friends, their online status, stats and Friendship Management ( add, remove, block, delete, etc.. )

Since this is a very new feature, and it involves syncing a LOT of data from the Call of Duty API, we will gradually roll it out through our Ring based system.

Once your Ring comes up, you will receive a Notification which will allow you to sync your Call of Duty account. In the meantime, have a look at pacMakaveli's Call of Duty tracker.
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