Update: Pulse 2.0 is now Live

Pulse 2.0 is now Live


onThursday, 1st of July 2021 at 22:25PM

After a long hiatus, we're happy to announce that Pulse, our news aggregator service is back online.

You can view the newest gaming and technology articles here: https://games.directory/pulses

Pulse 2.0 brings many improvements, from a new UI to the technology that powers it.
The new version now parses Images, Videos, Galleries and Embedded resources like Tweets and YouToube videos much faster and with better accuracy.

On top of that, we have added a new way of rendering 3rd Party URLs safely and we're also introducing a new Pulse service, the resolver. Although in its infancy, the Resolver will be able to learn which URLs are safe or not and warn you before accessing them. We will also leave safe URLs in the article going forward without extracting them.

We have more features to ship with Pulse, but for now, please enjoy your distraction-free gaming and technology news articles.

As always, please send any feedback through our usual channels.

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