Weekly Update #4 - games.directory v2.1

As we approach the end of July, we are now shipping one of our biggest updates yet.

- Viewable Profiles!

When we created games.directory, we initially thought you should only be able to view your own directory. Boy were we wrong!
We're happy to announce that over the coming weeks, we'll be migrating our data and codebase to ensure that every single profile is now visible to anyone. Wanna check your friend's games and activities? Knock yourself out.

By now you know that we care about privacy, a lot. So, to start with, all profiles will be set to friends-only. This means that for now, you will only be able to view your friend's profile.
When everything is done and we can move one, we'll review this.

- A better profile level badge

A couple of small changes to the UI of your level badge but also a few changes behind the scenes. You will probably notice that your points have changed. That's because we've changed the way we add points to a profile.
We'll have more details about these changes in a future announcement once everything is finished.

- Better navigation

Since you can now view another user's profile, the left side menu will now reflect that.
If you are browsing a different profile, the URLs will now point to the current user' directory instead of your directory.

- More frequent PlayStation Network updates

We have made quite a few improvements to our PlayStation Network API and we are now able to scan your account more frequently. The scan has gone from every 6 hours to every 3 hours :)
We're also implementing a new feature for your PlayStation Accounts. Depending on how active you are, games.directory will queue your account for additional scans outside the 3 hours window.

- A new 'My Achievement & Trophies' UI

We finally got to it. We have now updated the Achievements & Trophies UI. We've also added a new feature, the Backlog.
The Backlog works similar to how the Collection one works. Initially, we will automatically assign some trophies to your Backlog but you can also set the ones you want to work on.

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Weekly Update #4 - games.directory v2.1
As we approach the end of July, we are now shipping one of our biggest updates yet.