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Your Data

Quick breakdown on how we use your data

Before you start sharing any personal information, learn how we intend to use it.

  • We store your games, achievements, stats, and more, from your providers, on our servers. This is then shown to you and, additionally, we use it to provide statistics on certain features.

    You can't opt out from being included in statistics, but you can anonymize it.

  • We don't share, or sell, your data with any 3rd party providers.

  • Geographical data is extracted from your providers, in order to create local demographics and leaderboards within your friends communities.

    You can opt out from using this feature at anytime.

  • When you delete your .directory, some information will still be kept on our servers. This data is publicly available from your providers unless stated otherwise.

    Additional information about this process is available on the Deletion confirmation page.

Cookies, Tracking, and Privacy

Quick breakdown on how we use Cookies, Tracking and your Privacy

We store an authentication token in your Cookies, to keep you logged in. This is set up as soon as you sign up or log in and you cannot opt out!

We don't use any invasive 3rd party tracking solutions, such as Google Analytics. However, we do use:

  • ReCaptch: to secure our simple, one-click, registration page ( this page ) to prevent abuse.

  • Sentry: to monitor our app and find bugs, before you.

    Read more about Sentry

    You can disable Sentry Monitoring in your .directory

  • Plausible: to understand how our users use the platform and improve it.

    Read more about Sentry

    You can disable Plausible Analytics in your .directory

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