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Thanks for giving a try. Before you continue, please take a couple of minutes to read this excerpt from our Terms & Conditions. There's a couple of things you should know..

The Platform

We continuously work on the platform and each day we deploy new changes or features. During this period we may:

  • Break things :(

  • Deploy new features with a basic, or unfinished UI, aka it might look poop

  • Change the way we store your data. Because of this, we'll more than likely delete old data and perform a full sync with the corresponding provider.

We're currently in the process of finalising our new UI and implementing basic 'how-to's through our Show me how tag. Depending on its implementation, this may or may not be functional.

We're still working on inline tools for providing feedback or bug reports, in the meantime, we kindly ask that if you find any bugs, and you will, or have any fresh ideas to give us a shout at

Your Data

Before you start sharing any personal information, learn how we intend to use it.

  • We store your Identity Provider games, achievements, and more, on our servers. We use this data to show you it you, provide statistics on games, and learn about your gaming habits in order to provide better recommendations for you.

    You can disable the statistics and recommendations features at anytime.

  • We don't share, or sell, your data with any 3rd party providers, unless you've approved them through our OpenID Connect Portal.

  • We will extract any geographical data, from your Identity Providers, in order to create local demographics and leaderboards within your friends communities.

    You can opt out from using these features at anytime.

  • When you delete your .directory, some information will still be kept on our servers. This data is publicly available from your Identity Providers unless stated otherwise. More information about what data we keep from each Identity Provider will be shown on the Deletion confirmation page.

Cookies, Tracking, and Privacy needs to bother your session with 1 Cookie, which is needed to remember your authentication. This is required and you cannot opt out.

We don't use any 3rd party tracking solutions, such as Google Analytics but we do use Google's ReCaptcha to secure our simple, one-click, registration page and prevent abuse. ( sorry! :( )

That's it! If you want more information about how we use your data and more information about the platform itself, be sure to check the Terms & Conditions, and About pages.