PlayStation Trophies


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Collect all other Trophies

Ultra Rare (2.9%)

Unlock all other trophies

Common (81.8%)

Unlock all the trophies in Space Crew

Ultra Rare (0.3%)

Collect all trophies.

Ultra Rare (0.6%)

Acquired all other Trophies

Very Rare (6.8%)

For growing waterlillies

Rare (48.8%)

Obtained all trophies.

Rare (20.8%)

I'll never get unicorn flavour again

Rare (32.9%)

Play and score your 1st NHL goal in a regular season game in Be a Pro.

Rare (26.3%)

Acquire all of the Bronze, Silver and Gold trophies

Ultra Rare (0.1%)

Complete the game

Rare (17.4%)

Got a medal on the first day in Moab, Utah

Rare (33.1%)

Customise and save your player card

Rare (25.1%)

Save 5 Bros

Common (95.5%)


Reached level 99 with Aya

Rare (27.5%)

Win the Champions Hockey League Trophy in Be a Pro.

Very Rare (6.2%)

Win all Career events at the highest difficulty level.

Ultra Rare (0.7%)

Flying Carpet Defeated!

Common (83.5%)

You are the best chef in history!

Ultra Rare (0.0%)

Save your first customised livery

Common (56.0%)